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California Gambel's Quail Taxidermy Mount - SW3532


Bird Taxidermy for Sale - Gambel's Quail 

Taxidermy Buying GuideSplendid California Gambel's Quail Taxidermy Mount. This beautiful Quail is mounted on a unique display of a winter snow scene enclosed within a nicely finished oval piece of finished wood. He is beautifully colored in hues of black, gray, white and chestnut brown. His head plume is extremely long. The detailing on the bird is accurate and very nicely done. Because of the top-shelf quality of this mount, it must receive the taxidermy quality rating of "Premier". What a wonderful showcase piece for the home, office, or museum!
Scientific Name: Callipepla gambelii
Size of display: 10" tall x 13" long x 8" deep.
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