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Brown Bear Skull - SW6674


Animal Skulls for Sale - Brown Bear

Animal Skulls for Sale
Professionally cleaned and whitened Brown Bear skull. Good size, measures 14" front to back.  No missing teeth, with the typical cracking on the top canines.  Overall quality is rated at "Excellent". Great addition to the skull collection

Size: 14" long x 7 1/4" tall x 8 1/4" wide.

Taxidermy affidavit is included, making transfer legal.
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About the Brown Bear- Ursus arctos

The brown bear is a large bear spread out across much of northern Eurasia and North America. The adult bears generally weigh between 220 and 1,400 lbs. In North America, two of the coastal brown bears and the inland grizzly bear; these two types of bear broadly define the range of sizes of all brown bear subspecies. An adult grizzly living inland in Yukon may weigh as little as 180 lb, while an adult coastal brown bear in nearby coastal Alaska living on a steady, nutritious diet of spawning salmon may weigh as much as 1,500 lbs. The exact number of overall brown bear sub species remains in debate. The brown bear's principal range includes parts of Russia, India, China, Canada, the United States (mostly Alaska), Scandinavia and the Carpathian region (especially Romania). The brown bear is recognized as a national and state animal in several European countries. It is the most widely distributed of all bear species.

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