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Brocket Deer Full Body Taxidermy Mount - SW6206


Mounted Brocket Deer Hunting Trophy for Sale

Taxidermied Deer Head for SaleExtremely rare Brocket Deer full body taxidermy mount. This stunning deer is posed on a natural habitat rock replica base. He is standing on all fours with the head turned to look out into the room. He measures 45" from the nose to the end of the tail. The horns are symmetrical and measure at 2 1/2 ". The hair is thick and nicely colored in tones of reddish-brown, brown and cream. The quality of the taxidermy on this unique mount has been given our highest rating of "Premier". This exceptional mount will make a great statement in any trophy room.

Size: 41" tall x 33" wide x 16" deep.
Weight: 30 lbs.
Wall hangers attached. Hangs from two screws.
Ships in a secure wood crate.
Ships for free!

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