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Bobwhite Quail Pair Taxidermy - SW3736


Bird Taxidermy for Sale - Bobwhite Quail 

Real Animal Decor
Unique display of Bobwhite Quail Pair taxidermy bird mount. This pair of beautiful Bobwhite Quails is mounted perched on an authentic natural habitat base, which is constructed with wood, sticks, pine cones, soil and brown grass. The habitat base is then enclosed within a glass dome. Glass is removable. The birds are beautifully colored in shades of browns, white, cream and tan. Both are alert and have great detailing throughout. For the expert craftsmanship of taxidermy, this mount is quality rated at "Premier". Wonderful display for the collector or accent wildlife decor.
Scientific Name: Colinus virginianus
Size of display: 13" tall x 9" wide.
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