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Black Grouse Taxidermy Mount - SW3425


Mounted Bird Taxidermy for Sale - Black Grouse

Taxidermy Buying GuideUnusual Black Grouse taxidermy mount. This Grouse is from Scotland and is also known as a black game or blackcock. He is mounted perched on a wooden log, which is then attached to a unique wooden wall base. His wings are partially outstretched, which allows good viewing of his beautiful coloring of black, brown and cream. Tail feathers are posed upward and nicely fanned out. The quality of taxidermy on this rare bird is rated as "Nice". Perfect addition for the collector of game bird taxidermy or for the trophy room.
Scientific Name: Lyrurus tetrix
Size of display: 15" tall x 12" wide x 19" deep
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About the Black Grouse

The Black Grouse is a large game bird that is in the grouse family.  We have a variety of grouse taxidermy mounts to choose from. A Black Grouse male can grow to be close to 21 inches long. A female will grow to an average of 16 inches. The males have distinctive red wattle over the eye and display a white stripe along each wing when in flight. The lyre-shaped tail is fanned out and raised to show white under-tail feathers when displaying. The females are gray-brown and have a slightly notched tail.

Black grouse can be found across Europe, from Great Britain (with the exception of Ireland) through Scandinavia into Russia. The Black Grouse inhabits a variety of different habitats; open, sparsely vegetated land for display, shelter when roosting and occasionally shrubs or trees for feeding above the snow in winter. Young black grouse eat spiders and insects but the adult birds are mainly vegetarian.

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