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Bharal Blue Sheep Taxidermy Mount - Chinese - SW4991


Exotic Taxidermy for Sale - Bharal Blue Sheep 

Taxidermy Buying GuideRare Bharal Blue Sheep taxidermy mount. This beautiful trophy is mounted in a relaxed pose with a slight turn of the head to the left. The hair is thick and beautifully colored in shades of tan, brown, and black. Trophy caliber horns measure 22" each and have an outside spread of 28" with 11" bases. The quality of taxidermy craftsmanship is rated "Excellent". A must have piece for collectors of rare hunting trophies. 

Scientific Name: Pseudois nayaur
Size: 25" tall x 25" wide x 18' deep.
Weight: 13 lbs.
Ships in a secure wood crate.
Ships free!!


About the Bharal Blue Sheep

The Bharal or Himalayan Blue Sheep is a medium-sized caprid which grows to be between 45-65 inches in length along the head and body with a tail that is 3.9-7.9 inches long. They are called Blue Sheep because of the blue sheen of their thick slate gray coats. The backs of the legs and underparts are white and they have black on the chest and front of the legs. There is also a charcoal gray colored stripe that separates the gray back from the white belly.  Both sexes have horns but the males grow upwards, turn sideways than curve backward. The horns can grow to a length of 31 inches. The females’ horns are much shorter, growing only to 7.9 inches long.

The Blue sheep is found in Bhutan, China, northern India, northern Myanmar, Nepal, and northern Pakistan. Bharal are active throughout the day. They inhabit open grassy slopes in high mountains. They are usually found near cliffs and similar escape cover but usually avoid forested areas. They alternate between grazing and resting on mountain slopes. They use their coats to blend into their environment. When they feel threatened they will freeze until approached than flee to hide again. Bharal tend to be grazers, but during times when grass is scarce, they will switch to herbs and shrubs. They are the favored prey of snow leopards and leopards, with a few lambs falling prey to foxes or eagles.

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