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Excellent Bearded Hen Eastern Turkey Mount SW10006


taxidermy and outdoorsy decor for sale safariworks decorAny turkey hunter know that you don't see a bearded hen all that often. Sure, if you've hunted turkey for enough seasons, you'll see a few but not many. Here's your opportunity to add a beautiful specimen to your collection without the wait! The artistry and detail on this mount have earned it out taxidermy quality rating of Excellent. We can't imagine a turkey hunter that wouldn't be proud to have this bird in his or her collection.

  • Product Rating: Excellent
  • 28" tall X 28" deep X 16" wide
  • Sits on its own base on any flat horizontal surface
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

About the Eastern Turkey

Scientific Name: Meleagris gallopavo

The wild turkey is an upland ground bird native to North America, one of two extant species of turkey, and the heaviest member of the diverse Galliformes. It is the same species as the domestic turkey, which was originally derived from a southern Mexican subspecies of wild turkey.

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