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Barracuda Reproduction Fish Mount - SW2379


Fish Mounts for Sale - Barracuda Reproduction 

Buying Quality Taxidermy GuideReproduction taxidermy mount of 42 inch Barracuda. Accurate details and coloring. Quality is rated at "Excellent".

Size: 42" wide x 18" tall x 6" deep.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the Barracuda

The Barracuda is a saltwater fish known for its large size, fearsome appearance, and ferocious behavior.  Barracudas have a snake-like appearance with sharp, prominent fang-like teeth. They have long painted jaws, and many subspecies have an under-bite. Their gill covers have small scales. They have two dorsal fins that are widely separated. The anterior fin has five spines, and the posterior fin has one spine and nine soft rays. Coloration can vary somewhat between species, but in most cases, the upper body is dark gray, dark green white or blue with silvery sides and a chalky white belly. Some species have organized dark spots or a row of dark cross bars on each side. Some species of Barracuda can grow to 65 inches in length.

Barracudas usually live in tropical and subtropical oceans ranging from the Eastern border of the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and the Caribbean Sea. They are found near the top of the water, near coral reefs and seagrasses. However, the Great Barracuda can be found in brackish water.  Barracudas are opportunistic and rely on surprise and short bursts of speed up to 27 mph. to overtake their prey by tearing chunks of flesh. They consume smaller prey by biting it in half. Their main source of prey is fish ranging from small fish, such as mullets, to larger fish that can be as big as the Barracuda hunting it.

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