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Barbarossa Sheep Taxidermy Mount - 33 Inch - SW2746


Selling Sheep Mounts - Barbarossa Sheep Taxidermy

Quality Rating Guide for Buying TaxidermyBig curls on this Barbarossa sheep taxidermy mount. Relaxed look, thick neck and a slight turn of the head to the right. Heavy, trophy caliber horns measure 33". Tip to tip measures 28". Thick wool. Taxidermy quality rated at "Excellent". Nice addition for trophy room or home decor. Excellent piece from New Zealand.

Size: 24" tall x 28" wide (tip to tip) x 18" deep.
Weight: 12 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the Barbarossa Sheep

Barbarossa Sheep are also known as Merino sheep. It is a breed of sheep that originated in Spain but have been domesticated in Australia and in New Zealand. They are prized for their wool and is extremely adaptable and an excellent forager. They have to be shorn twice a year because the wool does not stop growing and if it is allowed to grow it can cause heat stress, blindness, and mobility issues.

Poll Merinos do not have horns. They have small stubs called scurs. The Horned Merino rams have long spiral horns that grow close to the head. The Ewes usually weigh from 100 to 120 pounds. Rams weigh, on average, from 160 to 180 pounds. Barbarossa Sheep are raised almost exclusively for their wool which is considered the finest wool in the world.

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