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Barasingha Deer Taxidermy Mount - SW3104


Selling Exotic Animal Mounts - Barasingha Deer 

Where to Find Animal MountsBeautiful Barasingha Deer, also known as a Swamp Deer, taxidermy mount. Gorgeous thick hair in tones of browns and tans. Mounted in an upright pose with a slight turn of the head to the left. This rare exotic deer is very unique, in that, he has a wild set of crowned antlers with a touch of velvet. The accurate facial detailing on this all around wonderful Barasingha Deer. Taxidermy quality is rated "Excellent". What a great conversation piece this unusual exotic Swamp Deer would make for the collector of exotic animal mounts.

Scientific Name: Rucervus duvaucelii
Size: 42" tall x 30" wide x 20" deep.
Weight: 15 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single screw.
Ships in a secure wood crate.
Ships for free!


About the Barasingha Deer

We offer a variety of deer taxidermy mounts.  The Barasingha Deer is a large deer with a yellow-brown coat. Some have visible white spots on their coat. The antlers look C-shaped when seen in profile. The antlers on a mature male average in height of 30” to 35” but have been known to grow to reach 42” or more. The average height of the Barasingha deer is 44” to 46” at the shoulder. Stags can weigh up to 620 lbs. Does are less heavy and can weigh up to 320 lbs. 

Barasingha Deer are also known as Swamp deer and are primarily found in Indian subcontinent in Asia. They prefer flat or undulating grasslands and will usually keep to the outskirts of forest but can sometimes be seen in open forest. Swamp deer are grazers and feed on grasses and aquatic plants. They feed throughout the day but are more active during the morning or evening. Herds of Barasingha deer on average consists of about 8 to 20 individuals and have twice as many females than males.

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