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Baby Opossum on Log Full Body Taxidermy Mount SW10506


outdoorsy cabin lodge home decor taxidermy for sale safariworks decorThis cure little guy has gotten into someone's garden and found the habanero peppers. Maybe he likes his salsa spicy. Maybe he's in for a surprise. Either way, he's as cute as can be. His tail is curled. (Maybe he's already taken a bit of the habanero.) His fur is a nice mixture of grays, browns, and white. With an inquisitive look on his face, his ears are perked up and alert. Given the expert detailing and lifelike representation on this piece, it has earned our taxidermy quality rating of Premier.

  • Product Rating: Premier
  • 8" tall X 6" wide X 10" long
  • Sits on its own on any sufficiently sized horizontal surface
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

About the Opossum

Scientific Didelphis virginiana

The species that many people think of when hearing about this animal is the common opossum, also known as Virginia opossum. However, these are two different species. The common opossum's scientific name is Didelphis marsupialis, and the Virginia opossum's scientific name is Didelphis virginiana.

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