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Australian Bronzewing Pigeon Taxidermy Mount - SW6372


Exotic Bird Mounts for Sale - Bronzewing Pigeon

Exotic Bird Taxidermy for Sale
Just completed and perfect in every way. This Australian Bronzewing Pigeon was raised by a top breeder in the US.  This museum quality display features a detailed habitat base complete with nest of eggs.  This Bronzewing has beautiful, metallic bronze, blue and green plumage and is mounted in a way that really shows it off. Crafted by one of the countries best wildlife artists, we give this piece our highest taxidermy rating of "Premier". This is a hard piece to find and a must have for the collector of exotic birds.

Scientific Name: Phaps chalcoptera

Includes breeder certificate.
Size of Display: 19" tall x 13" wide x 11" deep.
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About the Bronzewing Pigeon

Australian Bronzewings are medium-sized, heavily built pigeons. The male has a yellow-white forehead and pink breast. Both sexes have a clear white line below and around the eye and patches of green, blue and red in the wing, characteristic of all bronzewings. The Common Bronzewing is a cautious pigeon, and rarely allows close approach. If startled, it flies away with a clatter, keeping low to the ground while moving in a steady, direct manner.

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