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Arctic Grayling Real Skin Taxidermy Mount - SW2833


Fish Taxidermy for Sale - Grayling 

Fish Mounts for SaleRare Arctic Grayling Real Skin Taxidermy Mount - 20 Inch. Has beautiful coloring of grays, reds, and browns. Mounted on a nice piece of driftwood. This fish has a quality rating of "Nice." Great addition for the collector of fish taxidermy.

Scientific Name: Thymallus arcticus
Mount size including driftwood base: 20" long x 20" tall x 7" deep
Hangs from a single screw.
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About the Arctic Grayling - Thymallus arcticus

Arctic Grayling is a species of freshwater fish found in the Arctic and Pacific drainages in Canada, Alaska and Siberia and the Upper Missouri River of Montana. They grow to a maximum recorded length of 30 inches. They do not have a dorsal fin and anal spines. They have a dark mid-lateral band between the bond between the pectoral and pelvic fins. The flanks may sometimes have a pink iridescence.

During the brief summer, Arctic grayling are ravenous feeders. They will eat drifting aquatic insects, like black flies, mayflies, stone flies, and caddis flies. Sometimes Grayling will devour the eggs of spawning salmon, smaller fish, insects that have fallen into the water. In the winter, Arctic grayling will not feed as frequently as in the summer. Arctic grayling can tolerate low dissolved oxygen levels which is a common condition beneath the ice. This skill allows grayling to survive during the long winters in areas where other fish would die.