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Arctic Char Real Skin Mount - SW2566


Fish Mounts for Sale - Arctic Char 

Fish Mounts for SaleReal skin Arctic Char taxidermy mount. Fish measures 17 inches. This great fish taxidermy mount has beautiful coloring and has been given our rating of "Excellent." 

Size: 17" long x 6" tall x 4" deep
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the Arctic Char- Salvelinus alpinus

The Arctic Char is a cold water fish that is native to alpine lakes, arctic and subarctic coastal waters. Arctic char can usually be found in the lakes of the Brooks Range, the Kigluaik Mountains, the Kuskokwim Mountains, the Alaska Peninsula, Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak Island, and in a small area of Interior Alaska near Denali Park. It spawns in fresh water but returns to the ocean to mate. It is closely related to salmon lake trout. Char are usually notable from other salmonid fishes because they have light spots on a dark background and by their lack of teeth on the shaft of the upper palate of the mouth. It is highly variable in color and its size depends on the time of year and environmental conditions of the lake, but on average they can weigh up to 20 pounds. During the summer they eat insects, salmon eggs, snails and other small crustaceans found on the bottom of the waters. They feed on zooplankton and fresh water shrimp that are suspended in the lake.

Fish Mounts for Sale