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Arapawa Ram Taxidermy Mount - Sheep - SW2131


Sheep Taxidermy Mount for Sale - Arapawa Ram 

Taxidermy Mounts for SaleArapawa Ram taxidermy mount. Upright, front facing form with a relaxed expression. Taxidermy rating of "Excellent." Thick, brownish-gold wool. Trophy-sized, symmetrical horns measuring over 29". Nice detailing. Great addition to the trophy room.

Mount size: 21" tall x 23" wide x 19" deep.
Weight: 9 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single screw.
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About the Arapawa Ram

Arapawa Rams are a feral sheep breed that lives primarily on Arapaou Island in the Marlborough Sound of New Zealand. This sheep breed has been declared a “rare” breed by the New Zealand Rare Breeds Conservation Society. The Rams have horns that can measure over 3ft, but the females do not have horns. The Arapawa sheep does not have wool on their face and legs. Usually, the Arapawa have all black wool, but sometimes white points are displayed. On rare occasions, sheep can be all-white. The "Cocktail" Arapawas are those that brown or black with white spots. They live in rather harsh and steep terrain; this breed often looks hunched over because they carry their head and tail down often.