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Angora Goat Taxidermy Mount - SW3105


Taxidermy Animals for Sale - Mounted Angora Goat

Angora Taxidermy Mounts for Sale
Stunning Angora Goat taxidermy mount. This Angora goat is mounted upright, forward facing with only an extremely slight turn to the right. The hair on the Angora Goat is soft, very thick and yellowish-white. Expert facial detailing. The horns are symmetrical and measure 44" tip to tip. The taxidermy quality rating on this beautiful animal is rated at "Nice". Beautiful exotic mount for any trophy room, office, or lodge.

Scientific Name: Capra aegagrus hirus
Size: 34" tall x 42" wide x 19" deep
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single screw.
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About the Angora Goat

The Angora Goat taxidermy mounts are a great addition to any trophy room. The Angora is named after Ankara, Turkey and are well known for their production of the high-end fiber called mohair. A single goat can produce between 4-5 kg of mohair a year and they are shorn twice a year. Despite the characteristics of their coats they are not directly related to sheep.  They are generally smaller than other domestic goats and sheep.

The Angora goat has a very pleasant personality but they are not very hardy creatures. At birth, they have to be completely protected from the elements to make sure that they survive. They are originally from the region known as Asia Minor but today they are bred and raised all over the world.