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Alpine Chamois Taxidermy Mount - New Zealand - SW3041


Animal Mounts for Sale - New Zealand Chamois 

Taxidermy Buying GuideTrophy class Alpine Chamois taxidermy mount from the mountainous regions of New Zealand's South Island. Trophy caliber horns measuring 8 3/8" qualify this Chamois for the SCI Record Book. Winter coat of thick rich brown and tan hair with nice shading. Highly detailed taxidermy work throughout with an overall quality rating of "Excellent". Mounted on an upright, with a slight turn of the head to the left. This is a rare one of this caliber.

Size:28" tall x 12" wide x 15" deep.
Weight: 5 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single screw.
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About the Alpine Chamois

The chamois is a large sized mountain goat, native to the European mountains. Today, the range of the chamois includes the European Alps, Romania, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and parts of Turkey. The chamois has also been introduced to the steep, rocky and rugged mountainous regions of New Zealand's South Island. It has thrived in New Zealand as there are no natural predators.
The chamois has short horns, that curve backward on both the male chamois and the female chamois. The fur of the chamois is thick to keep it warm in the alpine winters and turns from a deep brown color in the summer to a gray color in the winter. The chamois also has a white colored face with black markings below the eyes. The chamois has a black stripe that runs along its back from neck to rump. The chamois is a relatively stocky looking animal that stands around 30 inches high at the shoulder and weighs roughly 110 lbs.
The male chamois is generally a very solitary animal, as the male chamois spends most of the year grazing alone and meets with female chamois during the mating season. The female chamois, however, live in herds with other females and their young.

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