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African Wildcat Taxidermy Mount - SW3023


Taxidermy Mounts for Sale - Mounted African Wildcat

Wildcat Taxidermy
Full body African Wildcat taxidermy mount. This beautiful Wildcat is posed walking on a natural habitat base. Alert expression with a slight turn of the head to the left. Good coloring in shades of gray, black and cream. Pronounced stripes in fur. Claws intact. The base is constructed of a wooden frame with stone floor accented with foliage. Taxidermy quality rating of "Fair," due to some thin spots on the back of legs. Great addition for the collector of African cats or to add that special touch to the African theme decor.

Scientific Name: Felis silvestris lybica
Display size including base: 24" long x 10" wide x 16.5" tall
Weight: 15 lbs.
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About the African Wildcat

Also known as the Near Eastern Wildcat, the African Wildcat is a wildcat sub-species. We carry a variety of wildcat taxidermy mounts. It mainly resides in Northern Africa, the Near East and around the periphery of the Arabian Peninsula. The fur color of the African wildcat is light sandy gray. It can also sometimes be a pale yellow or a reddish hue. Around the pinna on the ear are long pale yellow hairs. There are dark stripes on the face, two that run horizontally on the cheek and four to six across the throat. A dark stripe runs along the cat’s back. The belly is whitish in color. They primarily eat mice, rats, birds, reptiles, and insects. When in danger the African Wildcat will raise its hair to make itself larger and more intimidating.