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African Tsessebe Taxidermy Mount - SW2509


African Wildlife Mounts for Sale - Tsessebe 

Beautiful African Tsessebe taxidermy mount. Upright, alert pose with a turn of the head to the left. Excellent quality on taxidermy. Beautiful mount with heavy horns measuring 14". Has a gorgeous sheen to the reddish-brown coat. The quality of this mount is rated as "Excellent". This Tsessebe will make a wonderful addition to the trophy room.
Scientific Name: Damaliscus lunatus
Size: 37" tall x 23" wide x 36" deep.
Weight: 16 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached.
Hangs from a single screw.
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About the Tsessebe

Looking at a Tsessebe (sometimes called Topi), you’d be astonished to discover it is generally considered the fastest antelope in the African bushveld. It looks somewhat clumsy, with high, humped shoulders sloping down to unexceptional hindquarters. When danger threatens, it speeds away with the herd but has a peculiar habit of then stopping to see how far away its pursuer is. Territorial males are fond of standing on termite mounds or higher ground and surveying their territory.