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African Thomson's Gazelle Taxidermy Pedestal Mount - SW2391


Mounted Antelope - Thomson's Gazelle

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Beautiful East African Thomson's Gazelle pedestal mount. Posed straight forward and mounted on nice wooden base. Symmetrical horns measure at 14.5".Sharp markings on good hair. Taxidermy quality rated at "Excellent". Great piece of wildlife art for any decor.
Size: 31" tall x 10" wide x 16" deep.
Weight: 7 lbs.
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About the Thomson’s Gazelle- Gazella thomsoni

A Thomson gazelle taxidermy mount will make a beautiful trophy room addition.

Thomson's gazelles are found in eastern Africa, in Kenya, Tanzania, and southern Sudan.

The graceful, Gazelles are nimble and beautiful animals that resemble the Grant’s Gazelle in shape and color but are notably smaller.

Thomson's gazelles have reddish-brown fur on their faces, with a broad white stripe that extends from the eye to the nose and is bordered below by a black stripe. The Thomson’s coat is a dark fawn or reddish brown on the top side and white on the belly, divided by a bold, dark side stripe that runs from the shoulder to the flank. Their rumps are white and their tails are black. Thomson's gazelles are small and typical weight no more than 75 pounds. Males are larger overall. A mature Thomson's gazelles stand 30 inches at the shoulder.

The males and some females have lyre-shaped, ringed horns. Females have smaller horns, if any, both lengthwise and in circumference. Males use their horns to vigorously defend their territories.

Thomson's gazelles are exceptionally fast runners, able to run at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. They can outrun cheetahs if they can evade them for long enough because cheetahs can maintain high speeds for shorter times. The Thomson gazelle is exceptionally alert to sounds and movements, and its fine senses of hearing, sight, and smell balance its vulnerability on the open plains.

Thomson's gazelles are adapted to live in grasslands and shrubby savannas. They are an arid-adapted species and are able to stay in dry grasslands for longer than most other plains game in the same region, which migrate towards more moist habitats.

Cheetahs, lions, leopards, wild dogs and hyenas prey on the Thomson’s Gazelle.