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African Sable Taxidermy Pedestal Mount - SW4250


Hunting Trophies for Sale - African Sable Antelope 

Taxidermy Mounts for Sale
Remarkable pedestal mounted African Sable Antelope. Mounted upright with the head facing straight-forward. Good hair and thick mane in colors of black, deep chocolate brown, and white. Sharp facial markings. Horns measure 35" on both sides with 9" bases. The mount is sitting on a beautiful wooden prism shaped pedestal. The expert craftsmanship and pristine detailing earn this mount our taxidermy quality rating of "Premier." A must have for collectors of top notch African trophies.

Scientific Name: Hippotragus niger
Size including pedestal: 89" tall x 26" deep x 17" wide.
Weight including pedestal: 72 lbs.
Ships in a secure wood crate.
Ships freight carrier for free!

About the African Sable Antelope

The Sable is considered one of Africa’s most prized antelope it’s long swept back horns. It resembles the larger roan antelope, to which it is closely related. The ringed horns rise vertically, then sweep backward in a pronounced curve. They are found in both sexes, but the male's horns are slightly larger and heavier than the female's.
Both males and females have manes on the neck, and when they arch their necks and stand with their head held high and tails outstretched, they resemble horses. This flexed neck position makes sables appear larger than they are. The males maintain this position even when they gallop, as the arched neck is an important manifestation of dominance.

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