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African Sable Antelope Taxidermy Mount - SW2389


African Hunting Trophies for Sale - Sable Antelope 

Taxidermy Mounts for Sale
Outstanding African Sable mounted on classic chess piece pedestal pose, with the head looking slightly to the left in a relaxed pose. Horns reaching to the sky at 41". Lovely coloring on the face and body of the animal. Taxidermy quality rated at "Excellent". A wonderful addition to the collection of African wildlife.

Scientific Name: Hippotragus niger

Size: 62" tall x 24" wide x 29" deep.
Weight: 37 lbs.
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About the African Sable Antelope

The Sable is considered one of Africa’s most prized antelope it’s long swept back horns. It resembles the larger roan antelope, to which it is closely related. The ringed horns rise vertically, then sweep backward in a pronounced curve. They are found in both sexes, but the male's horns are slightly larger and heavier than the female's.
Both males and females have manes on the neck, and when they arch their necks and stand with their head held high and tails outstretched, they resemble horses. This flexed neck position makes sables appear larger than they really are. The males maintain this position even when they gallop, as the arched neck is an important manifestation of dominance.