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African Rock Hyrax - Cape Hyrax - Taxidermy Mount - SW6534


Rare African Hunting Trophy - Rock Hyrax

Animal Head SellersExtremely rare African Rock Hyrax taxidermy mount. This Rock Hyrax, also known as the Rock Badger, Rock Rabbit or Cape Hyrax, is a soft body mount and is posed on an authentic habitat base. The fur is thick and beautifully colored on this full body small animal of Africa.  For the new mount of this hard-to-find mammal, the detailing is accurate and expertly done. The taxidermy quality rating on the Cape Hyrax is a "Nice". What a great conversation piece one could have with this unique piece for the trophy room.
Scientific Name: Procavia capensis
Size: 8" tall x 20" wide x 9" deep.
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