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African Robert's Gazelle Taxidermy Mount - SW4123


African Hunting Trophies for Sale - Robert's Gazelle 

Taxidermy Quality RatingRare African Robert's Gazelle taxidermy shoulder mount. Gazelle is positioned upright and with head turned slightly to the left. Hair is beautifully colored in sandy browns and cream.Symmetrical, trophy horns measure 20". The taxidermy quality of this mount is rated "Excellent." A must have for any collector of rare hunting trophies

Scientific Name: Gazella granti robertsi
Size: 34" tall x 17" wide x 21" deep.
Weight: 8 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached.
Hangs from single screw.
Ships free!

About the Robert’s Gazelle - Gazella granti robertsi

Because of its limited range, a taxidermy mount of the Robert’s Gazelle is hard to come by.  Found only in Serengeti of Tanzania and Kenya. Quite similar to the southern Grant’s gazelle in appearance and size, except that the male's horns are not lyrate, but bend sharply outward at a point about one-third of their length from the base, so that the tips are very far apart with the tips bending backward and out.  They are fawn colored with a white underbelly and distinctive white facial markings. A mature buck will stand three feet at the shoulder and can weigh up to 180 pounds.

This gazelle is territorial, with the larger, older, dominate bucks aggressively keeping a herd of females.  They prefer open grass plains and are frequently found in shrublands; it avoids areas with high grass where the visibility of predators is compromised. They are also well adapted for dry, semiarid areas. The most common predators of the Robert's gazelle are cheetahs, leopards and wild dogs.

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