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African Roan Taxidermy Mount for Sale - SW2640


Hunting Trophies - African Roan 

Taxidermy Mounts for Sale
Impressive African Roan Antelope taxidermy mount. This exceptionally charming Roan is positioned slightly to the left, with the head relaxed. Classy markings, with fine color shades throughout the animal's hair. The ears are in perfect shape and highlight the entire piece. Trophy caliber horns, sweep symmetrically backwards, have thick bases and measure 28". Taxidermy craftsmanship[ quality rated at "Excellent". Perfect trophy room addition or safari decor piece.
Scientific Name: Hippotragus equinus
Size: 48" tall x 30" wide x 33" deep.
Weight: 30 lbs.
Heavy duty hanger is attached.
Hangs from well-secured cabinet screw. (included)
Ships in a secure wood crate.
Ships for free!

About the Roan Antelope - Hippotragus equinus

The Roan is one of the largest species of antelope in Africa, tall and powerful, it is exceeded in size only by the Eland. They are found primarily in the savanna of West and Central Africa.

 It is a striking antelope, with some features comparable to the gemsbok. The face has prominent black and white markings. They have tassels of dark brown hair on the tips of their long ears. The coarse hair on the body is grayish brown in color with a tinge. A distinct, black tipped mane runs from down the back of the massive neck from the ears to just beyond the shoulders. There is also a light 'beard' on the throat. The underside is white and the tail has a brush of black hair at the end. The arched horns are massive and heavily ringed that curve back similar to a sable. Horns measuring over 24” are considered a real trophy. A big, mature bull can reach 650 lbs. and stand nearly 5 foot at the shoulder. They can run as fast as 35 mph.

The Roan antelope’s preferred habitat is open or lightly wooded grassland with easy access to water. They graze in the early morning and late afternoon, resting during the heat of the day.

Roan Antelope are fairly gregarious, normally moving in herds from 6 to 20 animals, consisting of a single, dominant male with a group of females and their young. While Roan Antelope are not actually territorial, the dominant bull will defend his harem from rival males. Young males will form bachelor herds until strong enough to challenge a dominant bull.