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African Reedbuck Taxidermy for Sale- SW3538


Taxidermy Trophy - Southern Reedbuck 

Taxidermy Buying GuideA graceful Southern Reedbuck taxidermy mount for sale. Gorgeous, thick hair on this Reedbuck, with multi-coloring throughout the mount, in shades of gray, cream, sandy orange and black. Animal is positioned straight forward with head facing front. Great detailing throughout. Horns are very attractive and heavy, with a perfect symmetry, and measuring in at 13". Awesome African hunting trophy, and a taxidermy craftsmanship quality rating of "Premier". Outstanding addition to the safari theme decor room, or hunting trophy room.

Scientific Name: Redunca bovidae
Size: 32" tall x 15" wide x 21" deep.
Weight: 11 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single screw.
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About the African Southern or Common Reedbuck - Redunca arundinum

A brief description of the Reedbuck to help you with your taxidermy mount purchase.

The Reedbuck is a graceful antelope found throughout southern Africa.

The coat of the southern reedbuck varies from light brown or fawn in color, with some shades of gray. There are usually white patches on the bottom of the jaw, face and around the eyes. The undersides, including underside of their tail is also white. Below each ear there is gland that appears as a small, round blackish bare patch. The front of each foreleg has a vertical dark stripe.

Only males grow horns, which curve forward in an arc from the ringed bases to the smooth tips. This forms a V when viewed from the front, the horns typically average between 12 and 16 inches long.

A mature Reedbuck will stand about 35 inches tall at the shoulder and can reach 60 inches in length. The average weight of a trophy size Reedbuck is 175 pounds.

The Reedbuck prefers to live near rivers, which has earned them their name. Their natural habitat is in the tall grasses or reeds near water sources. They consume a diet mainly consisting of various different grass types; they are almost entirely grazers. Males are territorial throughout the year, defending resources such as food, water, and cover from other males in order to attract females.

The Reedbuck usually live in pairs or family parties, although 15 - 20 individuals are sometimes seen during the very dry months. Reedbuck tend to use fixed trails that lead to water, and always approach water very cautiously, males drink first as the females stand guard. This natural caution is also apparent while they are at rest; they spread out, their faces turned cautiously in the direction of any possible danger. The average lifespan of the Reedbuck is at least 10 years. Predators of this graceful animal include lion, hyenas, leopards, wild dogs and practically every other mid to large sized carnivore in their area. 

The Southern Reedbuck is larger than both the Mountain and Bohor Reedbuck

The Southern or Common Reedbuck’s horns are much longer than the other two reedbucks, and lack the distinctive hooked tips of the Bohor Reedbuck.

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