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African Kudu Horn Mount for Sale - SW2773


African Trophy Skulls & Horns - Kudu Horns 

This is an awesome set of Kudu horns with a partial skull top section containing two screws. The horns are nice and thick with a near perfect symmetry to them and nice texture. The horns measure in at 48 1/2" on the right and 47 3/4" on the left. Quality rating on these horns is "Excellent". A perfect piece of decor for the trophy room wall, safari decor piece, or craft working piece.

Scientific Name: Tragelaphus strepsiceros
Size: 36" length x 29" width
Weight: 12 lbs.
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About the African Greater Kudu

The greater kudu is considered by many to be the most handsome of the spiral horn antelopes, which includes the bongo, eland, nyala, bushbuck, and sitatunga.
Kudu, both the greater kudu and its close cousin the lesser kudu, have stripes and spots on the body, and most have a chevron of white hair on the forehead between the eyes.
Greater kudu bulls have long, spiral horns; occasionally a female will have small ones. The greater kudu's horns are spectacular and can grow as long as 72 inches, making 2 1/2 graceful twists. These beautifully shaped horns have long been prized in Africa for use as musical instruments, honey containers, and symbolic ritual objects. In some cultures, the horns are thought to be the dwelling places of powerful spirits, and in others, they are a symbol of male potency. The horns are seldom used in defense against predators; nor are they an impediment in wooded habitats-the kudu tilts the chin up and lays the horns against the back, moving easily through dense bush.