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African Klipspringer Taxidermy Mount - SW3656


Dwarf African Antelope for Sale - Klipspringer

Taxidermy Buying GuideHandsome African Klipspringer full body taxidermy mount. Mounted standing on a nice habitat rock base. Alert pose with a turn of the head to the sharp left. His hair is thick, coarse and has the classic camouflage coloring in shades of yellowish-gray and reddish-brown. Detailing is superb throughout. Horns measure 3 1/2 ". Because of the expert craftsmanship on this mount, it receives a taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent". Great item for the dwarf antelope of Africa collection or even for the science center or museum.
Scientific Name: Oreotragus oreotragus
Size: 29" long x 31" tall x 13" wide.
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