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African Giraffe Taxidermy Floor Mount - SW4971


Floor Pedestal Giraffe Mount for Sale - Africa

Taxidermy Selling GuideSuperb African Giraffe taxidermy shoulder floor pedestal mount. Stands 10' 6" tall. This Giraffe looks good from any angle with it's gracefully curving neck and head transitioning into rock floor pedestal base. Beautiful, dark markings on good hair. Excellent detailing on the face. Exceptional taxidermy throughout earns a rating of "Premier". This mount will make a great statement piece in any area of your trophy room.
Size: 10' 6" tall x 58" wide x 48" deep.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Rolls easily on heavy duty, recessed casters.
Ships freight in secure wood crate.
Ships free!

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