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African Genet Cats Taxidermy Mount - SW8966


African Animal Mounts - Genet Cat Taxidermy for Sale

Genet Cat Taxidermy MountTwo mature African Genet Cats on a habitat base. Both cats perched on a tree branch in the stalking position on all fours. These unique Genet Cats have thick fur, claws intact and are beautifully colored in shades of chocolate brown, cream, and tan. Both cats have beautiful spotting and gorgeous long, banded tails. The skillful craftsmanship and accurate detailing of these stunning African Cats earn our taxidermy quality rating of "Premier."  This display would be a great addition to the collection of African cats or worthy of a museum or wildlife center.
Scientific Name - Genet: Genetta genetta
Size of display: 28" wide x 38" tall x 22" deep.
Weight: 20 lbs.
Wall hanger attached. Hangs from well anchored screw. 
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