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African Francolin Taxidermy Mount - SW2553


Bird Taxidermy for Sale - African Francolin

Francolin Taxidermy Mount
Beautiful African Francolin taxidermy mount. Standing on habitat wooden base with grass, sticks, and rock accents. This Francolin has a nice hooked beak and wide tail. Beautiful gray, brown, and tan colors. This bird earns the taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent".

Scientific Name: Francolinus
Size: 11" tall x 12" wide x 9" deep.
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About the Francolin

There are approximately 40 species of Francolins, with most native to Africa. We have a selection of taxidermy mounts of several of these species. All vary in the colors of plumage. The African Francolin, also known as the Cape Spurfowl, or Cape Francolin are game birds of the pheasant family found in South African, but have been introduced in the state of Hawaii, with numbers in Florida and Louisiana. Francolin’s are plump-bodied birds with thick necks and moderately long legs, and have rounded, rather short wings and a hooked beak. Males have a sharp spur on the back of the legs for fighting.