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African Eland Taxidermy Mount - SW1677


African Hunting Trophies -  Eland for Sale

Eland Taxidermy Mount
Massive African Eland shoulder mount. All around quality mount with a taxidermy rating of "Excellent." Trophy horns measuring 32 1/2" around curl. Great addition to trophy room collection.

Scientific Name: Taurotragus oryx
Size: 51" tall x 22" wide x 38" deep.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from single heavy duty screw or bolt.
This large mount must ship via freight carrier.
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About the African Eland- Taurotragus oryx


The African Eland, also known as the Southern Eland or Eland Antelope, is a Savannah or Plains Antelope located in Southern as well as East Africa. It is the second largest Antelope in the world, being slightly smaller than its cousin the Giant Eland. Mainly herbivores, the Eland primarily focuses on grass and leaves. This animal is commonly found in a herd of up to 500 other animals, yet they are not territorial at all. Elands prefer open grasslands and plains; they steer clear of dense forests. The Eland uses a series of loud barks, visual, and postural motions to communicate with others and or warn off predators. Elands have been domesticated in certain areas, but their main predator is that of humans, who utilize them for meat, leather, and their nutritious and rich milk.