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Sharpe's Grysbok Taxidermy Mount - SW8970


Dwarf Antelope Trophy for Sale - Full Body Grysbok

Common Duiker African Hunting TrophyHandsome African Sharpe's Grysbok, also known as a Northern Grysbok, full body taxidermy mount.  Mounted in the lying position with the legs folded underneath.  He is alert and with the head turned sharply to the right. The hair is thick and with the distinctive coloring of reddish brown with white streaks.  Detailing is expertly done throughout on this dwarf antelope.  Horns measure almost 2" in length.  For the expertise of craftsmanship, this Grysbok has the taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent".  This would make an interesting piece for the collector of dwarf antelope.

Scientific Name: Raphicerus sharpei
Size: 22" long x 8" wide x 12" tall.
Weight: 6 lb.
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