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African Blue Duiker Taxidermy Mount - SW8968


Life-size Hunting Trophies for Sale - Blue Duiker

Blue Duiker Full Body MountBeautiful African Blue Duiker full body taxidermy mount for sale. This animal is upright and posed as if walking across the habitat base. The head has a faint turn to the left, and there is an alert expression on the Duiker's face. The hair is thick and has a slight gray-blue hue. The habitat base is accented with branches, dried grass, and rocks to give it an authentic look. The impeccable detailing and craftsmanship of this dwarf antelope earn our highest taxidermy quality rating "Premier." The Blue Duiker is the perfect prize for the safari hunting trophy collector, or admirer of African dwarf antelope mounts

Size including base: 23" tall x 18" wide x 22" deep
Weight: 9lbs.
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