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African Black Lechwe Taxidermy Mount - Botswana - SW1692


Taxidermy for Sale - African Black Lechwe - Botswana

Lechwe Taxidermy RatingStunning Black Lechwe taxidermy mount from Botswana. Newer mount with trophy horns. The quality of taxidermy is rated "Excellent". Great thick hair and coloring. Very slight turn of the head to the left. Symmetrical, wide horns measure 26 1/2 inches with heavy bases. Beautiful hunting trophy for the African wildlife collector.

Size: 39" tall x 18" wide x 24" deep.
Wall hanger is attached.
Hangs from a single screw.
Ships in a secure wood crate.

About the Lechwe- Kobus leche

The Black Lechwe is one of three living subspecies of the Lechwe, a water antelope of Southern Africa. The long body is highest at the hindquarters and the hooves are elongated and spreading, which prevent the Lechwe from sinking into the marshy ground of its habitat. Males possess long, thin lyre-shaped horns that are highly ridged. Black Lechwe are found in large, loose herds in which no strict social system exists. Herds will follow the seasonal floods, taking refuge in wooded areas if flooding is extreme. On land, these antelope appear slow and clumsy but they are able to out-run predators in the water thanks to their large, powerful hind legs which propel them in long leaps. The Lechwe are found in Zambia, southern Africa. The majority of the population occurs at Lake Bangweulu.