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Safariworks Taxidermy collection of quality mounts of animals from around the globe. All wildlife mounts are appraised by an experienced taxidermist and given a rating based on the quality of taxidermy, condition of the animal’s skin or fur, trophy caliber of horns or antlers and the overall artistic value. We carry animal skin rugs, furs, fish and bird taxidermy and an array of antlers and horns. Just click a photo for close up photos, descriptions and information about the species. So whether you desire a bear rug, elk, deer, caribou or pronghorn antelope mount to add character to your mountain retreat, a massive Alaskan Bull Moose head to adorn your fireplace or a Zebra rug to complete your trophy room, find them all here. Serious trophy collectors can find record book animals collected from safaris around the world. New items are being added daily, so check back often!