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Ocellated Turkey Taxidermy Mount - Mexico - SW6520


Wall Mounted Mexican Ocellated Turkey

Turkey taxidermy mount for saleUnusual taxidermy display of Mexico's Ocellated Turkey. Mounted on wood plaque with wings spread. The thick, plumage on this bird has beautiful coloring of blue, copper, green, gray and white. The artistry and craftsmanship present on this mount earn it our highest taxidermy quality rating of "Premier." This is a tough piece to find and colorful display for any setting.

Scientific Name: Meleagris ocellata
Size: 37" tall x 39" wide x 7" wide.

Hangs from single screw.  Hanger is attached.
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Wild Turkeys are shipped from our location in Indiana and may not be shipped to North Carolina per state law.

About the Ocellated Turkey

The Ocellated Turkey can only be found in a 50,000 square mile area in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico., Northern Belize and the El Peten region of Northern Guatemala. The males are brightly colored with iridescent feathers. Their tail feathers are gray with blue and gold tips and the wings are are black and white. Adult males can weigh 11 to 12 lbs and the females only weigh between 6 and 7 lbs. Unlike the wild turkeys found in the United States the Ocellated Turkey does not have a beard. 


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