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Muskrat Paddling Canoe Taxidermy Mount - SW6589


Novelty Taxidermy Mounts for Sale - Muskrat in Canoe

Taxidermy Buyer's GuideNewly completed! Cute Muskrat taxidermy mount paddling a canoe. This fat little boy is beautifully colored in shades of brown, tan and beige with very thick, silky fur. Claws intact and great detailing throughout. The canoe is made of birch bark and is 18" long. He has his own little wooden paddle and is hard at work. The canoe sits on a wooden display with moss accents. Because of the expert taxidermy quality, this Muskrat mount is rated as "Excellent". What a great gift for the outdoorsman or as an accent decor piece for the log home.
Scientific Name: Ondatra zibethicus
Display is 18" long x 10" tall and 7" deep.
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