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Lady Amherst-Golden Pheasant Cross Taxidermy Mount - SW10112


Game Bird Taxidermy for Sale - Colorful Pheasant

premier taxidermy black mutant pheasantAnother amazing bird from the studio of award-winning taxidermist Daniel Davis! This colorful pheasant is a cross between a Lady Amherst and a Golden pheasant. He's mounted to a beautiful habitat base in a very natural pose. As can be seen in the photos, his colors are incredibly rich in iridescent and vivid shades of yellow, orange, blue, purple and green. Positioned with the head turned to the right. Taxidermy quality rated at Premier. A necessity for the collector of beautiful bird mounts. You won't find many as beautiful and well done as this!
Scientific Name: Phasianus colchicus
Size: 12" deep x 20" wide x 24" tall
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