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Excellent Muskrat Full Body Taxidermy Mount SW10615


taxidermy and outdoorsy decor for sale safariworks decorThis cute and furry guy will delight your friends and family with his inquisitive look and curious pose. The taxidermy is exceptional with incredible detail and a very lifelike pose. This fellow is sure to melt the hearts of muskrat fans who visit your home or business.

  • Product Rating: Excellent
  • 10" tall X 6" wide X 11" long
  • Sits on its own base
  • Free Shipping in the U.S.

About the Muskrat

Scientific Name: Ondatra zibethicus

The muskrat, the only species in genus Ondatra and tribe Ondatrini, is a medium-sized semiaquatic rodent native to North America and an introduced species in parts of Europe, Asia, and South America. The muskrat is found in wetlands over a wide range of climates and habitats.

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