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Nice Civet Cat Full-body Lifesize Taxidermy Mount SW10427


outdoorsy decor taxidermy for sale safariworks decorCivet cats are mostly nocturnal so we don't come across that many civet mounts. When we do come across them, we try to snag them up for our collectors of unique African trophies. This guy is posed in a head-down position as if sniffing the earth for food. He isn't a particularly large specimen so we have given him our taxidermy quality rating of Nice.

  • Product Rating: Nice
  • 37" long X 11" tall X 6.5" wide
  • Sits on its own base on any flat horizontal surface
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

About the Civet Cat

Scientific Name: Civettictis civetta

The African civet is a large viverrid native to sub-Saharan Africa, where it is considered common and widely distributed in woodlands and secondary forests. It is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List since 2008.

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