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Mouflon Corsican Sheep Ram Taxidermy Mount SW6682


taxidermy antlers horns for sale safariworks decorGorgeous dark chocolate coloring, long hair and wonderfully curled and spread horns make this Corsican Ram a real prize. Posed upright and alert with his head turned slightly to his right, he has crisp ears and beautiful detailing in his face, this ram is a fine example of top-notch taxidermy as well as an incredible animal. He would make an exceptional addition to any taxidermy collection.

  • Product Rating: Excellent
  • Left Horn: 26" around the curl
  • Right Horn: 25 1/2" around the curl
  • 24" tall X 19 3/4" deep X 20" wide
  • Hangs from a Single Mount on the Back
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  • International Shipping Available (Additional charges apply, please contact us prior to purchase.)

Mouflon Sheep

Scientific Name: Ovis orientalis orientalis

The mouflon is a subspecies group of the wild sheep (Ovis orientalis). Populations of O. orientalis can be partitioned into the mouflons (orientalis group) and the urials (vignei group). The mouflon is thought to be the ancestor for all modern domestic sheep breeds.

The wild sheep of Corsica were locally called mufro (male) and mufra (female). The French naturalist Buffon (1707–1788) rendered this in French as moufflon.
The American spelling is mouflon, with a single L.

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