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Fisher Full Body Lifesize Taxidermy Mount SW10333


full body taxidermy mounts for sale safariworks decorThis gorgeous fisher is beautifully captured walking along a natural log. The lifelike representation of this mount is exceptional and the taxidermy is top notch. This would make a fantastic addition to a natural history or outdoor life display in a museum or visitor center or to the home or office of a collector of fine taxidermy.

  • Product Rating: Premier
  • 36" long X 13" wide x 21" tall
  • Sits on any flat surface resting against a backstop or hangs on a wall from a single, well-secured screw
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About the Fisher

Scientific Name: Martes pennanti

The fisher is a small, carnivorous mammal native to North America. It is a member of the mustelid family, and is in the monospecific genus Pekania. The fisher is closely related to, but larger than, the American marten.

Source: Wikipedia

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