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Horns and Antlers

Excellent 4 Point Roe Deer Skull Cap with Antlers SW10819


interior design decor taxidermy safariworksRoe Deer skull caps and European mounts are very popular with interior designers who tend to mount them in clusters above fireplaces and on walls. We try to keep several of these in stock so our customers can purchase multiples and duplicate this decorative style. (See photos for suggested mounting.) To find additional skull caps to complete your cluster, search for "roe deer skull cap" in the search box, with the magnifying glass, near the top right-hand corner of our website.

Dimensions: 9.25" tall x 3.75" wide 
Product Rating: Excellent
No hanging hardware included
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About the Roe Deer

Scientific Name: Capreolus capreolus

The roe deer, also known as the roe, western roe deer or European roe, is a species of deer. The male of the species is sometimes referred to as a roebuck. The roe is a small deer, reddish and grey-brown, and well-adapted to cold environments.

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