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Premier Bushtail Opossum Full Body Mount SW10608


taxidermy mounts exotic rare for sale safariworks decorHere's an extremely rare find! In fact, we have never had one of these available for sale before. The Bushtail Opossum, native to Australia, certainly won't be found in many collections. We are very excited to have been able to acquire this full body mount and offer it for sale. The taxidermy on this animal is exceptional and the habitat base, with high-end walnut base, very attractive and appropriate. Our quality rating on this piece is Premier. It would make a perfect addition to any natural history museum with an Australian exhibit, collector of marsupials or any of the most prestigious taxidermy collections in the country.

  • Product Rating: Premier
  • 28" long X 18.5" tall X 28" wide
  • Sits on its own on any sufficiently sized horizontal surface
  • Free Shipping in the Continental U.S.

About the Bushtail Opossum

Scientific Name: Trichosurus vulpecula

The common brushtail possum is a nocturnal, semi-arboreal marsupial of the family Phalangeridae, native to Australia, and the second-largest of the possums. Like most possums, the common brushtail possum is nocturnal. It is mainly a folivore, but has been known to eat small mammals such as rats.

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