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Dall Sheep Taxidermy Mount - SW4613


Mounted Dall Ram for Sale - Sheep Taxidermy

Taxidermy Rating GuideImpressive Dall Sheep taxidermy shoulder mount. Mounted on upright form with the head turned a bit to the left.  The heavy horns measure 33" on the right and 30 1/2"" on the left. Both with 12" bases. Thick neck. The hair on this sheep is extremely thick, soft and clean white. Quality taxidermy rating of "Excellent". This impressive Dall Sheep mount will make a nice addition to your lodge or trophy room.

Scientific Name: Ovis dalli
Size: 25" tall x 22" wide x 17" deep 33".
Weight: 16 lbs.
Wall hanger is attached. Hangs from a single screw.
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About the Dall Sheep- Ovis dalli

The Dall Sheep inhabit the mountain ranges of Alaska. These white creatures are most notable for the males’ massive curled horns. Females, also carry horns, but theirs are shorter and more slender and only slightly curved. Dall rams as old as 16 years have been seen, and ewes have been known to reach 19 years of age. Generally, however, a 12-year-old sheep is considered quite old. Also known as thinhorn, Dall Sheep are the northernmost wild sheep in the world. Dall sheep spend most of their lives on the jagged slopes of mountains. Their cloven hooves with rough pads help them cling to cliff edges and broken ledges, where they flock to elude predators. In spring and early summer, Dall Sheep often visit mineral licks to restore the nutrients they lost during the long winter.


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