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Australian Agile Wallaby Taxidermy Mount - SW4604


Mounted Agile Wallaby Taxidermy for Sale - Australia

Wallaby Taxidermy Mount
Australian Agile Wallaby taxidermy mount. This beautiful animal is mounted on a habitat replica base. Accented with pebbles and dried foliage. The Wallaby is mounted upright and with the head turned to the left and having a natural expression. The front paws are held toward the chest. This large Wallaby is 62" when measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. The fantastic detailing and craftsmanship on this mount earn our taxidermy rating of "Excellent." A must-have for any exotic animal collection.
Scientific Name: Macropus rufogriseus
Size as displayed: 46" long x 35" tall x 15" wide
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