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Coyote Skin for Sale - SW4626


Coyote Skin for Sale - Decor Furs and Pelts

Taxidermy Buying GuideFull body Coyote Hide.  A thick fur coat in shades of brown, gray and black.  From the nose to the tip of the tail this hide measures 60" long. This pelt earns our quality rating of "Excellent." A must have piece to hang on the wall or display as a furniture throw in the hunting lodge.

Scientific Name: Canis latrans
Size: 60" long
Garment grade fur; not meant for taxidermy purposes
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About the Coyote- Canis latrans

Coyotes (prairie wolf) are native to North and Central America although they are believed to have split off from the European gray wolf. They are a species in their own right, differing from wolves in vocalization patterns, ecology, and pack structure. The Coyote’s scientific name Canis latrans actually means barking dog. The northern subspecies of Coyote generally grows bigger than the southern subspecies of Coyote. The Eastern Coyote is the largest of all and has been found to be the result of remnant wolves, that have been mating with incoming coyotes, in the northeastern states of the USA.

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