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Caribou Skin - SW5873


Selling Taxidermy Hides and Skins - Caribou Skin 

Caribou Skins for Sale
Exceptionally thick Caribou skin from a private collection. This Caribou hide has long, plush hair and is beautifully colored in shades of brown and cream. It measures 54" x 45". The taxidermy quality rating on this beautiful hide is "Excellent. This skin would be ideal to use as an area rug, table covering or for a special craft project. For whatever creative purpose, it will surely make for interesting conversation.

Scientific Name: Rangifer tarandus
Size: 54" x 45"
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About the Caribou

Caribou, also known as reindeer, are found in northern regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Greenland.
Caribou are the only deer in which both sexes grow antlers. Antlers of adult bulls are large and massive; those of adult cows are much shorter and are usually more slender and irregular. Adult bulls average 400 pounds. However, weights of 700 pounds have been recorded.
Caribou are also characterized by making long migrations, traveling further North during the summer months for fresh grazing and returning to the more temperate climates of the South in the winter for shelter. The complete migration sees caribou herds traveling as many as 1,600 miles each year.
Caribou hooves are large and sharp enabling them to travel large distances as well as making them efficient swimmers. The caribou family also includes the elk, moose, reindeer, and deer.

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