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Cabin Grade Red Sheep Back Skin Hide for Sale BK7024


taxidermy skins hides for sale safariworks decorUnique ranch-raised red sheep back skin, complete with back hooves, for sale. This hide has been tanned, is relatively supple and would be excellent for display or crafting. There are fleshing holes as shown in the photos. Due to the presence of these holes, we have given this our Quality Rating of Cabin Grade.

This item was sourced from a domestically-raised red mouflon sheep and is not from and endangered species.

Quality Rating: Nice
Lays flat on any sufficiently sized horizontal surface
Dimensions: 37" long (including legs) x 38.5" wide
Ships for free in the Continental US

Information About the Red Sheep

Scientific Name: Armenian mouflon

Raised specifically for hunting on fenced, exotic game ranches, the Red Sheep related to this listing is a derivative of domestically-raised mouflon and was not native to Iran or listed as an endangered species. 

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